The Way the Light Reflects
                         Landscape with a Blur of Conquerors
                         Landscape with Fruit Rot and Millipede
                         Birds Hover the Trampled Field
                         Detail of the Hayfield
                         The Language of the Birds
                         Still-Life with Skulls and Bacon
                         Landscape with Several Small Fires
                         Detail of the Fire
                         War of the Foxes
                         Portrait of Fryderyk in Shifting Light
                         Three Proofs
                         Ghost, Zero, Suitcase, and the Moon
                         Lovesong of the Square Root of Negative One
                         The Field of Rooms and Halls
                         The Mystery of the Pears
                         Dots Everywhere
                         Blue Nudes
                         The Museum
                         The Stag and the Quiver
                         Detail of the Woods
                         Landscape with Dark Coats in Snow
                         Self-Portrait against Red Wallpaper
                         The Story of the Moon
                         The Worm King's Lullaby
                         The Painting That Includes All Painting